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Med-Plus offers reliable Covid testing services with accurate results and fast delivery results


Why Choose Us

Med-Plus offers reliable testing services and ensures you get the result report on time


Fit to Fly Results

Med-Plus Covid testing results can be used as travel tests, and you can travel anywhere around the world with our results.


Same Day Delivery

Med-Plus offers same-day result services as well. You can get accurate COVID results on the same day.


Safe Environment

Med-Plus ensures that we are safe and sterilized so that no bacteria and germs are transferred from one person to another.

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Easily book and manage appointments with Medplus Test on your mobile phone.

Our Performance This Month:

  • Results on Time 98%
  • Result Delivery Early 70%
  • Customer complaint 2%
  • Respond over the phone 99%

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Our Doctors

Dr. Adam Lewis


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Dr. Mike Corp



Professional Staff for your Care

We have a team of experts that is just one call away. Contact Me-Plus today to book your Covid Test appointment or visit us to have reliable testing services.



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    Your Health is Our Priority

    Home Sampling Services at Your Doorstep

    Med-Plus offers home sampling services at your doorstep. We are just one call away. Our expert team can come to your place and take a safe testing sample in no time.