Corporate Testing

Ensure that your employees, student body, colleagues, or production crew stay safe with bulk COVID-19 testing which they can conveniently take from home.


Our lab focusses on providing businesses and other organizations with access to expert testing services and an experienced team of specialists.

  • Clinics & Surgeries: Frontline staff may be at the most risk of contracting COVID-19. Look after you and your staff’s health so you can look after your patients with our testing solution.
  • Institutions: Your university or college can bulk buy our tests so your students and staff stay protected throughout the academic year. Tests are for 18 years and over.
  • Manufacturing: Allow your employees to test for COVID-19 at home before they come into work with our bulk testing solution.
  • Workspaces: Supporting both large and small volume requests, simply repost your tests to your employees’ homes, ensuring they are healthy before coming into the office.
  • Media Industry: Ensure everyone on set is fit to work, from cast and crew to catering, with company COVID-19 testing they can take from home.
  • Small Industry: Our COVID-19 testing solution is currently helping hundreds of UK based SMBs get their staff back to work safely, ensuring a healthy workplace for everyone.
  • Large Enterprise: We already work with hundreds of large enterprises to ensure the safety of the workplace with bulk COVID-19 testing.

03. Hematology & Histology

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Latest Case Studies

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